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Erick Tran's unique artistic & film making abilities began in 1996 as an animator on THE SIMPSONS TV show. In 2002 he was promoted to an Assistant Director position till he became Character Layout Supervisor in 2006 for THE SIMPSONS movie where he worked alongside David Silverman (director), Richard Sakai (producer), Tom Hanks (actor), and Hans Zimmer (film composer).

Tran's responsibilities ranged from creating story reels, storyboards, animation, BTS video production, developing designs for licensing and merchandising, consulting on Simpson video games with EA, developing promo print work for trades, producing designs with Universal Creative for e SIMPSONS THEMEPARK attraction in Hollywood and Florida and producing animation for Burger King commercials, Coke/Superbowl commercial & Nike/World Cup commercial.

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In the past few years, Tran has been involved with producing marketing materials for EA Mobile/ FOX Digital Media "TAPPED OUT" Simpsons video game app which has grossed over $135M since its release in 2012.


As CEO of  CHAVVO STUDIOS & IDEAL MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT, his responsibilities range from business development, securing financing, and managing production from creative inception to final delivery. Utilizing his visual artistic strength and understanding of creative brand packaging, he leads IDEAL MEDIA ENT's business in the production of web design, video content, pro-photography, and marketing strategies for social media & print. CHAVVO STUDIOS is a dedicated animation company with a focus on the creation of original properties for distribution on all formats and licensing opportunities.

Tran's experience has allowed him to work with many Hollywood celebrities, business owners, non-profit organizations, and major companies such as Coke, Nike, Walmart, Pronto Pizza, Highroad Ent, Warner Bros, EA, Martin Agency, CVC, Universal, FOX, Starz Media, Place Like Home foundation, Pierce Arrow and Toon Boom.

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