Our passion for TV & Film production has spanned over 2 decades in the entertainment industry.



As a dedicated transmedia company, we focus on developing products with a multi-channel, multi-format mentality.



We all loved growing up with toys. Now, we have the opportunity to create our own. Our characters are designed to bring smiles around the world.



  [cha•vvo] noun, informal



 1. Content Creation Freak (our mascot)

 2. Creatives who are not restrained by limitations and fueled by passion


CHAVVO STUDIOS is a full service transmedia production company founded by strong principles in design, storytelling and brand building. CHAVVO comprises of top level industry professional animators, visual development artists, sculptors, writers and directors that have a passion to serve and develop high-quality family entertainment intellectual properties. We are focused in producing animated short films, television series, mobile content, video game design and consumer products​​. With world-class creative talent and high-end technological capabilities, Chavvo Animation Studios delivers great stories, breathtaking visual imagery and a sensibility that appeals to both children and adults.​ 


With each project, we strive to tell great stories that are fun and comedic, told with a level of sophistication and edge that appeals to the broadest audience possible and captures the imaginations of all people.



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